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We create just one style of mixed bouquet to send each day. We like to keep things simple because it means less waste and less fuss. It also means more flowers from local growers. And fresher, seasonal blooms. So, all you need to do is choose which size to send…

Little – Small but perfectly formed. Send a smile with our original Little bunch.

Large – The goldilocks of bouquets. Not too little, not too large. Suits all occasions.

Luxe – Bursting with premium blooms, choose this size bouquet for the extra wow factor.

  • Do you do same day delivery?
  • Yes, just get your order in by 12.15pm for CBD deliveries and 12.45 for all other areas.
  • What's the order deadline for same day delivery?
  • Generally you're safe to order by 12.15pm for CBD deliveries and 12.45 for all other areas. That said, it's best to get in early, as sometimes we do sell out of the daily bunch a little before those times.
  • Do you deliver to my area?
  • We can help you put smiles on faces across almost all of Sydney Metro. You can check out our full delivery areas here: https://littleflowers.com.au/little-flowers-delivery-info/
  • Do you deliver flowers on the weekend?
  • Yes! We deliver Monday to Sunday and love nothing more than delivering a bunch of hangover-curing flowers on the weekend.
  • Can I specify what time my flowers are delivered?
  • We're conscious of keeping costs down for our customers, as well as minimising our impact on the environment. For these reasons, we batch all of our deliveries together and send our drivers on the most efficient route on the day. That does mean that we can't accommodate requests for specific delivery times unfortunately.
  • Can I order in advance for another day?
  • You sure can. Just go through the order process and you'll find a calendar to select your preferred delivery day.
  • How do I know what the bunch will be, if I order in advance?
  • We create a new bunch each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (the days Sydney Flower Market operates) and upload the latest picture by 9:30am that day. If you order in advance your bunch may look a little different to the one pictured, but we'll make sure it looks just as beautiful. You can check out our instagram page to see our recent designs.
  • When will my flowers be delivered?
  • Your flowers will be delivered before 5.30pm if they're going to a business (the vast majority are delivered before 4pm). Any flowers going to a residential address will be delivered by 7pm at the very latest (but most by 5pm).
  • What happens if the recipient isn't home?
  • Don't worry, our couriers are masters when it comes to making sure your flowers are left somewhere safe.