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Looking for
Sydney Florists

Are you an established Florist, looking for a new position? Or just starting your
Floristry journey? Apply to join our fun and friendly team to deliver flowers that put more
smiles on more faces, for more reasons. Other opportunities also listed below. We look
forward to hearing from you!

Not currently hiring but always on the lookout for FLORISTS (Sydney) 

The basics

  • Casual, but we look for people who want to be long term members of our team
  • Generally required three days p/week, covering at least two of the following: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Approximate shift times are 7am-3pm and 2pm – 9pm. However, start and finish times can be outside of these hours  (eg. a 6am start, or a 10pm finish). If you’re required to go the market, it’s a 5am start.
  • Our florists…
    • Make and wrap our pretty bunches
    • Help keep our studio space running like clockwork
    • Go to the market to buy flowers when required (up to 2 times p/week)

A bit about us…

We’re an established online flower business with a mission to put more smiles on more faces, for more reasons. Not just for our customers and the lucky people who receive our flowers but, perhaps most importantly, for the lovely ladies and gents on our team. So, getting a good fit between what we need and what you’re looking for is really important.

We think the type of florist who’ll be right for our team…

  • Will have (or be studying for) a Certificate 3 qualification
  • Is a hard worker, quick learner, resilient and happy to work in a fast paced environment
  • Is not scared of early mornings. It’s all hands on deck right from 7am every morning and even earlier if it’s your day to go to market
  • Is reliable and dependable. We look for people who are are as committed to the job as we are to them.
  • Gets the balance between working hard and having fun at work. While you’ll often need to keep your head down, there are also plenty of laughs to be had. We like working with people who can help create a positive atmosphere while getting the job done
  • Is collaborative. Comfortable asking questions, happy getting and giving feedback. And, as you grow into the role, happy to teach and nurture newer members of the team
  • Is a team player and happy to muck in with whatever needs to be done on the day, and on a larger scale as the business evolves. That could mean learning new skills, helping out on a weekend occasionally or taking the bins out with a smile when it’s not your turn!
  • Is handy with a calculator as we have to do a little bit of maths along the way (nothing too scary though!)
  • Is okay with repetition and time constraints. The nature of our work is time sensitive and we send out a high volume of flowers each day.
  • Is enthusiastic about what we do as a business and is keen to evolve with us
  • Loves working with flowers and the positive impact they have on people – and understands the importance of each of our bunches looking great as a result
  • Is available during peak periods (lead up to Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day in particular)
  • Is comfortable driving a van to market
  • Lives not too far away – we’re based in Alexandria, so the logistics need to work for you

Does it sound like you might be good fit? 

If so, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line with the following info to hi@littleflowers.com.au

  • Qualifications and work history
  • Examples of some recent work that makes you proud
  • Tell us why you think we’d be a good fit for each other, and what you’d most like to get out of the job
  • Where you live (so we can make sure any market logistics are viable)
  • When you’d be available to start
  • References – please supply details of two referees

Look forward to hearing from you!

Not currently hiring but always on the lookout for ADMIN / DISPATCH (JOB SHARE)

Business overview: We’re an online florist with a mission to put more smiles on more faces for more reasons.


We’re located in a warehouse in Alexandria. It’s a casual workplace with a positive vibe and great team dynamic. Ours is a high volume low margin business though, so being focused and hard working is essential for the success of our business.


The main responsibilities of this role are:

  • Getting our message tags printed and ready for dispatch
  • Organising orders by time priority, courier type and what makes the most efficient run
  • Greeting couriers and ensuring they are dispatched with their flowers on time – and maintaining great relationships with them
  • Dealing with order changes and various customer queries via email, social media, and occasionally via phone
  • Dealing with couriers over the phone when delivery problems arise
  • Taking great quality photos of our flowers and uploading them to the website and social media
  • Various other duties as they arise, eg. calendar management, ordering supplies, amending daily florist schedule and working as a team to maximise sales and manage inventory
  • Making the role your own – making suggestions, improving systems and collaborating with your job share partner to evolve the role over time

Days and Hours

Initially 2/3 days a week. Potentially alternating, eg week 1 Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Week 2 Tuesday and Thursday. Working with your job share partner to be flexible though. Over time, we hope this will evolve to 3/4 days per week and include weekends.

Mon-Fri hours are 7am (sharp) to end of dispatch, which is usually around 1.30pm. Finish time can be up to 3pm though, depending on the day and what needs to be done.

Sat/Sun hours are 9am – 5pm.

Cover as needed 1.30 – 6pm for holidays / sick days.

Will suit someone who…

Is good with early starts. We start at 7am sharp and we’ll be relying on you to be on time every day.

Is good at troubleshooting. We won’t lie, sometimes our printer breaks, the internet won’t work and we have no phone reception! The ideal candidate would take this in their stride and help us find solutions to problems as we go.

Has good time management and is able to prioritise. We have strict dispatch times for our couriers and there’s a lot to be done each day. You’ll need to be able to keep an eye on the clock as you work and make good decisions about what to prioritise when things go awry.

Has a calm and positive attitude. The Admin role is really central to operations so bringing in a smile to work and being able to stay calm and positive when problems arise is a really important part of the role.

Is comfy with systems and technology. We’re an online business so things change constantly – the business evolves, systems get upgraded etc, so you need to be able to adapt with us. We use MAC computers, Photoshop, Google Sheets and the usual Microsoft packages. So being comfy with those is a must.

Is ok with some repetition. At the beginning, it’ll be a steep learning curve, but after a while the right person will be able to do this job ‘with their eyes closed’ because a lot of the processes are the same every day.  If you’re the right person for this job you’ll be ok with that.

Likes maps. You’ll need to be able to look at a map logically. And ask yourself questions like ‘is that the most efficient route’ and anticipate problems a courier might run into. Much of this process is automated, but if you don’t like maps this probably isn’t the job for you.

Is reliable, committed and wanting to be a part of our team for the long haul. We are looking for someone who’s excited about working with us, who wants to be a proper part of our team and stick around for a few years ideally.

Is flexible. We will need you to be able to cover your job share partner in the event of sickness or holiday.

Likes working independently. Once you know the ropes you will be the only Admin person on shift, so you’d need to be comfortable with that.

Is available at key times (and flexible to work longer hours then). You’ve guessed it! Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day… these times of year are all hands on deck and we’d expect you to pitch in and be flexible about working longer hours at this time with the rest of the team to get the job done.

But it’s not all about us

Okay, so that’s our download! But this is very much a two way street. We’d love to know what you’re looking for in a job and an employer. Just be honest, what’s the worst that can happen? Tell us a bit about yourself, warts and all and let’s work out if we could be a good fit for each other. We look forward to finding out more about you! Email us at hi@littleflowers.com.au

Work experience

Are you currently at TAFE, training to be a Florist? If you’re interested in work experience as part of your training drop us a line to hi@littleflowers.com.au to tell us what you’re after and we may be able to help.