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Thursday flowers: Kale,

Rose, Carnation & Wax

$35 including delivery.

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With same-day flower delivery in Sydney CBD, show someone you love them with Little Flowers.

Dear wonderful attractive person reading our website,

Sometimes you need to show someone love and you need to show it quick; same-day quick. At Little Flowers, with same-day flower delivery in Sydney CBD, we get it. Because you woke your flatmate up when you were drunk last night, because your friend just got dumped and they need some love on the double, or because you just realised it’s your mother-in-law’s birthday right now. With same-day flower delivery in Sydney CBD from just $35 (including delivery), Little Flowers makes it QUICK and EASY to send a little bit of love to someone you care about.

Every morning, we get up early to source the best flowers we can find. We follow the seasons and our instincts to create one unique bunch of hessian-wrapped flowers every day, delivering them on the same day (until they’ve all been snapped up!).

Our unique approach to creating beautiful bouquets means you can make someone’s day with same-day flower delivery in Sydney CBD for just $35. If you want to send double the love, our Bigger Little Flowers have more than double the flowers for $60.

You can find out what we’ve been busy creating today right here. You can also check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for photos of our bunch of the day and a little look behind the scenes.

Once you place your order with us, we send out all the Little Flowers across Sydney with our lovely but very fast couriers. We love the environment as much as we love strong coffee, so we stay true to our green and purple-pink-fragrant roots, using bicycles to deliver the love as often as possible.

With same-day flower delivery in Sydney CBD, Little Flowers makes it QUICKER than ever to bring a little bit of love into the world. Make someone’s day today by ordering Little Flowers. Because you love them, because you like them, or just because you can. LF xo

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