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14 December 2023

Delivering Sydney Christmas Trees…then delivering them back to Earth.

In Sydney? Get your live, mini Christmas tree delivered and we’ll pick it up after the prezzies and hangovers, and plant it on Jamberoo Mountain Farm in the Southern Highlands.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to be a more eco-friendly Florist. We love nothing more than delivering flowers in Sydney that are locally grown, seasonal and as sustainable as possible. (You can find out more about why we love locally grown flowers in this article). But, at this time of year, we’re not just thinking about flowers. We’re also thinking trees… 

We’re huge Christmas tree fans, but absolutely hate seeing them turning brown on the kerb side, waiting for the garbage truck, once the festivities are over. So, this year, we’re super excited to be working with Nicole and Lachlan Feggans from Jamberoo Mountain Farm to offer our customers a more sustainable Christmas. Anyone who has one of our mini, live Christmas trees delivered in Sydney this year,  has the option of us collecting it in the new year, free of charge, and transporting it to their gorgeous, regenerative farm in the Southern Highlands, where we’ll deliver the trees with love back to Mother Nature. 

The trees will become part of a biodiversity corridor that Lachy and Nicole are creating to help protect waterways, and bring more wildlife to the farm. We think Santa and his elves would approve.

We had a chat with Lachy and Nicole to find out a bit more about their farm and where your trees will be living in 2024! 

, Delivering Sydney Christmas Trees…then delivering them back to Earth.Hey guys, thanks for chatting to us! We’re very excited to be working with you this year. Can you tell us a little bit more about your lovely farm?

It’s a regenerative farm so that means we use a natural farming system involving the animals and the farmers working together, and it means that we don’t use any fertilisers or pesticides. The chickens and cows have symbiotic relationship, both working together to spread one another’s nutrients, in return nourishing them. Grass needs recovery time to put energy back into the soil and make it fertile, so a big part of our role is ensuring the animals aren’t in the one spot for too long as we don’t want to overgraze or cause stress to the soil.


What inspired you to start the farm?

We saw a segment on Gardening Australia that featured a farm called Taranaki Farm, outside of Melbourne. It’s a small scale farm, about 200 acres.  We’ve always been passionate about sustainability, and we loved the idea of moving away from Sydney, to have more space, and we saw the potential to generate income while having a real passion project to work on. We used Kangaroo Island eggs, and they were also an inspiration in how they worked. It really was the egg before the chicken in our case as we both love eggs!

, Delivering Sydney Christmas Trees…then delivering them back to Earth.

What’s your current focus at the farm?

Creating an inaccessible bushy area, with a mixture of species – a bio-diversity corridor. So we can get the habitat diversity that we want. That way you can get the frogs and dragonflies and all the different species we want to thrive in this corridor. And what that’s going to do is get the bigger animals to come in. We could even get a koala! But ultimately, if we could get a platypus on here, you’re going to see a couple of very happy farmers.

We’re also protecting the creeks. We want the water coming off our farm to be cleaner than the water coming onto it. It’s important because we’re at the headwaters of the Shoalhaven drinking catchment, so it’s really important to have good water quality.


What are your favourite things about running the farm and the lifestyle you have now?

There are so many benefits to being surrounded by the trees, animals and green every day and we love that our children get to grow up in this environment too. It is a lot of hard work, however the benefits outweigh the hard yakka and we enjoy what we do so it doesn’t really feel like work. There is an incredible community surrounding us too, so we feel pretty lucky!

, Delivering Sydney Christmas Trees…then delivering them back to Earth.

When Little Flowers approached you about re-planting Christmas Trees, what appealed to you about the initiative?

We both hate seeing so much waste especially around Christmas time, so if Christmas trees can be replanted and benefit the environment, this really is a genius idea. If more people can think about our environment and the future, we will all be in a much better place in the years to come. We love working with businesses who are also looking at innovative ideas. We also just love what you guys do!


What do you hope the impact of planting the Little Flowers Christmas trees on your farm will be?

It will make a huge impact, we will combine the christmas trees with other native trees to create a very special habitat to bring new life and to create homes for the animals that bring all the good to the farm creating that biodiversity corridor which will also protect our creek lines so that we can store more water in the wet times in preparation for those dryer times.

, Delivering Sydney Christmas Trees…then delivering them back to Earth.

We like to think that little things can make a big difference. How do you see your farm having a bigger impact?

If you can demonstrate the regenerative system at a small scale, that template can be taken elsewhere and you can have a bigger impact. We’re wanting to inspire people to do bigger things. Just like we have been inspired to come here.

For this world to survive and thrive we all need to be doing our bit and making what difference we can, which will then inspire our younger generation to carry this on and create more good! It is really important that we all get on board to make the change.

We feel inspired working with like minded people and businesses just like Little Flowers, and feel grateful for choosing us to replant your trees!


Our Christmas trees are selling out fast!
But you can order here.

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