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01 June 2022

Delivering flowers and smiles in Sydney’s CBD this Friday

Meet Smokin’ Joe, the fastest man on two wheels in Sydney’s CBD. #kickstartsydneysheart

Meet Smokin’ Joe, the fastest man on two wheels in Sydney’s CBD. He’s was our first flower delivery wizard, and has been helping us put smiles on faces in the CBD for almost a decade. But after 2 years of lockdowns, elections, and wearing gum boots even in summer, the word on the street is that smiles are in short supply in Sydney’s CBD. So together we’ve decided to try and get the heart of the city pumping again. Together, we are going to #kickstartsydneysheart this Friday. 


How long have you been delivering Flowers in Sydney? And have you always been a bike courier?

I’ve been a courier for 21 years. I first got into it straight out of high school as a way to earn some money so I could travel and spend some time in London, which I did. Then when I got to London I got a job as a bike courier there and have never looked back. I’ve been delivering for Little Flowers across Sydney for almost 10 years now.


How did you get involved with Little Flowers?

I met Sarah (one of the founders) when Little Flowers had only just started. We first met on Pitt Street and then kept bumping into each other in lifts and loading zones when we were both delivering flowers. It felt like it was meant to be! But it wasn’t until her van broke down and she needed some emergency help that she finally asked me if I’d be interested in delivering Little Flowers and of course I said yes. Wow… that was almost 10 years ago. 


What’s the best bit of the job?

Riding my bike, being outside, my work colleagues and getting smiles when I’m riding with a bike full of flowers. People stop and take photos and you feel like a bit of a celebrity, it’s pretty fun. You get chatting to people on the street, I love it. Every time you deliver Little Flowers to an office you’re putting a smile on someone’s face. What could be better than that? 


What’s the worst bit?

There aren’t many bad bits. But if I had to choose one it’d be the rain! Definitely the rain. It’s been so bad this last year. We’re a pretty tough bunch to be honest, but wet socks really suck. You just can’t get those bad boys dry once your feet are wet.


Tell us something we wouldn’t know about bike couriers?

We’re a very close knit community that hang out and travel together often and have friends that are also bike couriers in most major cities around the world. There is even a Bike courier Olympics, it hasn’t been on for a couple of years, but this year It’s in New York. Man I’d love to win it again. 


What’s the best story you’ve heard from the other couriers from when they’ve been delivering Little Flowers? 

I did hear rumour that one of the guys delivered flowers around lunch time and a man opened the door pretty flustered just wearing a towel, and then a woman appeared behind him wearing a towel. Ha! It got pretty awkward… the delivery guy was like ‘hey did you guys just rush home to wear towels together or something’. That was before lockdown though. I mean now, a lot of people are working from home. I reckon now that’s just par for the course now right – everyone is just hanging out at home in towels? Why not! If I could, I would….


We heard you’re the fastest courier in Sydney…is that true?

Yes! Definitely. Prob’s Australia too… Ha


It sounds like Little Flowers got pretty lucky bumping into you! What’s the most amount of flowers you’ve delivered in one day in the Sydney’s CBD?

132 on valentine’s day. It was a long day and a bit hectic but I’m proud of it. Being on a bike really makes flower delivery easy in the CBD, compared to a car. There’s no parking to worry about, we know all the loading docks and shortcuts and it’s better for the environment. That said, after a big day like that you’re ready to collapse into a heap. The next day flowers are the last thing you want to think about, I don’t want flowers near me for a while, haha!


What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened while you’ve been delivering Little Flowers? 

One time I was on my bike and I saw this giant bunny holding little flowers. I’m like what is going on there. And it’s Chris, one of the founders. Sarah forced him to dress up as the Easter bunny to do Easter deliveries. Just because. It was the funniest thing – a massive man size bunny, who kind of looks like a bear as he’s a pretty hairy dude. Delivering flowers in the middle of the CBD. It was hot too, he must have been sweating! Just awesome. We need to make that happen every Easter.


Do you read the message tags?

Haha! I couldn’t possibly admit to that… haha!… No, I do take a peek, I gotta be honest. You want to have an idea of why you’re delivering flowers, particularly if you’re going to a smaller office. The bigger places in the CBD go via loading zones generally so you’re not always seeing the recipient. But in a smaller office you want to know the context. You don’t want to be all happy if someone’s just heard some sad news or something. They might be condolence flowers. You need to be sensitive to that. 


Okay then, so tell us… what’s the best message you’ve ever read?

Oh man this is so weird, but you know the one I always remember? The message was literally “I don’t like big feet. They remind me of gammon’. I was like.. whaaaattt?? Ha! I have no idea why you’d send flowers with that message, but hey, I’m not judging! Must’ve been an in joke I guess.


Do you think Sydney’s CBD is suffering from a lack of smiles in recent times?

Look it’s been a tough 2 years as I think everyone is well aware, but I’m confident the smiles will return to the CBD. And I’m even more confident we’ll #kickstartsydneysheart together. 


Do you believe you can kickstart Sydney’s heart by spreading more love than ever before this Friday?

More flowers = more love. I’ve been training for it for the last 21 years. 


How many k’s are you expecting to peddle this Friday?

60-70, but I’m up for a challenge to do even more… come on Sydney, put me to the test!


What’s your motivation to get the heart of Sydney pumping again?

I love the city, I’ve been here for a long time and I want to see it thriving again. Back to its best. Smiles on faces, waves from strangers and people strutting down the street. 


Do you ever get any weird delivery instructions with the flower orders?

Generally they’re pretty standard in the CBD, but yeah you do hear about a few weird ones. I think I have the easy job delivering in the CBD though. If people send flowers to the inner west or Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and stuff they have their flowers delivered by bikes too. And those couriers get the weird messages, because they’re delivering to houses. They get song requests and stuff. I don’t know if they do it, I’ll have to find that out and get back to you! I hope so..! I would!


What’s your favourite flower?

Sunflowers are my favourite cause they’re so happy and positive… so sunny. I love delivering bunches of sunflowers – because even if it is a grey and cloudy day, those bad boys light it up… and light up the faces of everyone who sees them. 


This Friday, we’re on a mission to kickstart Sydney’s heart and put a bit of life back into the CBD by spreading some smiles across its people’s faces. To keep tabs on Joe and to see how our mission is going, follow #kickstartsydneysheart on social media. 

And if you want to be part of it or know someone who works in the CBD and needs a smile, enter KICKSTARTSYDNEYSHEART for $5 off. 

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