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04 November 2022

Event flowers. Delivered the Little Flowers way.

Back in 2013, when Little Flowers first opened its doors, from an old garage in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we were often asked to do event flowers...

Back in 2013, when Little Flowers first opened its doors, from an old garage in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we were often asked to do event flowers. Weddings, Engagements, Baby Showers, 21st parties, you name it. It wasn’t reallllly what we did, but we were young and excitable and we wanted to keep our customers happy. So, after panicking for a bit, we had a go. And we delivered some beautiful flowers that we’re very proud of to this day.

But you know what stuck in our mind most from those crazy early days of doing random events? Come in close and listen carefully because you need to know this. What we couldn’t believe was…How. Expensive. It. Was. We always thought – like you might do – that as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’ the florist / cake maker / venue puts another 50% on the quote. Just because they can. But, being on the other side of it, we realised it wasn’t that simple. It was the constraints that made it cripplingly expensive. And the time. Events were organised months in advance, so there was a lot of time talking and planning. Flower delivery had to be at a very particular time. And there were often very specific requirements. Like a certain flower in a certain colour. And that starts to get tricky. Because when you prefer seasonal produce (like we do), that particular flower or colour might not be available on that particular day. Which means buying imported flowers, which isn’t just pricier, but also less kind to the planet, so we always avoid it when we can.

So it became clear very quickly that we needed to do things differently. We’d started Little Flowers to make sending flowers easier and more affordable. And we’ve always done that by focusing on locally grown, seasonal produce and keeping things simple. So after being carried away for a short while, attempting all kinds of elaborate bouquets and crazy installations, we had a serious re-think about what event flowers should look like for us.

We went back to all the enquiries we’d received from customers about events, and when we really dug in, we realised most of them had some things in common. They wanted stylish flowers to brighten up their event, without it becoming a Kardashian type of affair, and without it breaking the bank.

And so our offer became very simple. Little Vases. Arranged using the same principles as our bunches. Prioritising locally grown, seasonal flowers. And choosing the best flowers available that day at market.

Us choosing the flowers took the complexity out of it all. We’ve been working with amazing local growers at Sydney Flower Market for almost a decade now, so choosing good flowers is what we do. And that means all our customers have to do is choose how many vases they’d like, and when they’d like their flowers delivered. Easy.

The vases come as a set of ten, but you can order more, and they are designed to be clustered together to create an impact. So two or three on a cocktail table, or lined up together on a mantelpiece perhaps. You can arrange them however you like. The more vases you cluster, the more impact they have. It’s really simple, and really effective.

One of the loveliest things we’ve seen is a customer using the vases as place names and favours for guests at a wedding. We love the idea of each guest being able to take away a little memento, and it’s a great way to prolong the life of the product. We have name tags and twine that we can include in orders for any customers who want to do this.

We’ve also recently introduced a money back option for customers who want to return vases after their event. For every set of 10 vases returned to Little Flowers HQ we’ll credit $30 back, helping your wallet and helping our planet at the same time. Two things that make us very happy!

Little Vases are available to order now, from $185 for a cluster of ten (including delivery to inner Sydney suburbs)

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