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30 November 2023

Christmas Gift Ideas Sorted: 7 Fabulous Christmas Flowers And Gifts For Sydney

Get Christmas gift ideas sorted with these seven gorgeous Christmas flower arrangements.

Can you feel the festive buzz in the air? Yep, it’s that time of the year again. When we hit Sydney’s favourite beaches, clink glasses of Aperol Spritz and dig out the Pavlova recipe! Christmas will be upon us before we know it, so we’re getting organised early with a carefully curated selection of Christmas flower gift ideas from our Festive  Flower Collection for you to choose from.

We’ll also answer some questions about Christmas flower gifting, like “What flowers to bring for Christmas lunch?”, “How should I care for my Christmas flowers?” and “How early should I place my order for Christmas flower delivery? “. Get ready to sleigh your holiday flower game!

Here’s everything you’ll discover:

Unique Christmas Flower and Gift Ideas from Little Flowers

Classic Australian Christmas Flowers And Festive Floral Traditions

How to care for Christmas flowers to make them last longer

FAQs about Christmas Flower Delivery in Sydney

Unique Christmas Flower Gift Ideas…

We’d love to sprinkle some extra Christmas magic with you this year. We have a fantastic lineup of Christmas flower and gift ideas that are a little bit different to those you’ll find at traditional florists. We’re sure you’ll find something special for even the hardest to buy for friends and family.

1. A specially curated Little Flowers Mixed Bouquet

If you want to send a little gesture on a budget this Christmas, look no further than our Little Bouquet flower arrangement. We’ll be arranging a special Christmas themed flower bouquet in Little, Large and Luxe sizes, available for delivery on Saturday 23rd and Sunday, 24th December. Order here. To make your bunch extra special, don’t forget to add a personal touch with a photo or a video message when you order..

Upload a photo, and it’ll appear on your message tag like the one above. For video uploads, a QR code will appear on the tag for the recipient to scan and enjoy your message.

See today’s Little Flowers bunch here.

2. Flower Subscriptions – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Flower Subscription Sydney

You can keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long with our flower subscriptions. It’s a reminder of the fun and excitement of the holiday season that lingers long after the decorations are put away and we’ve all gone back to work! Why limit the Christmas cheer to just one day when you can have it all year round? Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions.

Explore our flower subscription options here.

3. Buy a Little Bunch for Meals on Wheels – and Double the Love

Christmas isn’t just about sharing with friends and family; it’s also about giving to those who may need a little extra love. That’s where our “Buy a Bunch for Meals on Wheels” comes in.

When you purchase one of these special bunches, we’ll deliver it to Meals on Wheels on your behalf just before the Christmas holiday. These flowers will brighten the day of someone who lives on their own and may not have company over the holiday season.

For every bunch you buy for Meals on Wheels this Christmas, we’ll match it with another one. That’s right – double the love, double the smiles, and double the warm holiday feels.

Meals on Wheels volunteers had their hands full with Christmas flower deliveries last year.

With your help, last year we donated almost 100 bunches to Meals on Wheels, and we’d love to break that record in 2023!

Flowers are an instant mood booster. When you deliver a bouquet, you’re not just giving someone a bunch of petals; you’re gifting them happiness, joy, and a touch of nature’s magic.

“It can get quite emotional – for us and them”, Marianne from Meals on Wheels Randwick tells us. “We sometimes provide the only social interaction our clients have around Christmas time. And a lot of them don’t receive presents, so when we delivered Little Flowers last year, they were ever so grateful and touched that someone was thinking of them. That they weren’t forgotten, that people do care. They talked about it for weeks afterwards. It’s quite emotional for us, listening to that, so delivering Little Flowers makes our day too”.

Donate a bunch to someone who’s on their own this Christmas, and we’ll match it with another bunch in the new year. $45, including delivery! Make an order here before 22nd December to have our bunch delivered to a Meals on Wheels recipient in time for Christmas. Read more about Meals and Wheels here.

4. Mini “Live” Christmas Trees – Give back to Mother Nature

Mini Live Christmas Trees

Here’s something that’ll warm the cockles of your heart and do Mother Nature a solid. Our cute Mini “Live” Christmas Trees are wrapped in hessian, come complete with decorations, and – here’s the kicker – can be returned to Mother Nature free of charge for a more sustainable Christmas!

Yes, you heard that right. After the festive season wraps up, you can opt for a free tree collection and we’ll take it down to Jamberoo Mountain Farm in the Southern Highlands and plant it for you. Your Little Christmas Tree will help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide a habitat for wildlife after the festivities are over. We’re sure Santa’s elves would approve!

This is the first year of what we’re hoping will be an ongoing initiative, and we’re so excited to be working with farmers Lachy and Nicole to make it happen.

Each tree will include a note to explain how the initiative works, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted about planting efforts on social media! Follow us on @littleflowerssydney.

5. Christmas Bush – An Aussie Native Wonder

Christmas flower delivery

Picture this: The sun is shining, the barbecue is sizzling, and you’re surrounded by loved ones. Now, add a touch of the great Australian outdoors with our Christmas Bush. This native beauty doesn’t just look the part; it’s as Aussie as a kangaroo in a cork hat!

With its vibrant red flowers and unique foliage, this festive flower is like a slice of the Australian bushland right in your living room. Pop it in a vase, and you’ve got yourself an instant Christmas masterpiece that celebrates our beautiful homeland.

The perfect gift to bring to whoever is hosting Christmas dinner. Or perhaps even a little festive treat for yourself…

6. Corporate Gifting

Say thank you to your work buddies who’ve done a great job this year by sending Lots of Little Flowers. Whether you’re sending 10 or 110, we can help. Just drop us a line here and let us know how many you need.

7. Little Vases for Little Christmas Parties

Finally, for those of you organising the Christmas shindig, consider turning ordinary into awesome with our Little Vases event flower arrangements Cluster on cocktail tables for celebration drinks or run them down the centre of the table for a special lunch.

Because the vases make very cute party favours, some people gift them to guests at the end of their event (we can provide tags and twine if you’d like to do this).

We’re also super happy for you to return the vases, as it’s great for the environment. Just wash them out after use and return them to Little Flowers HQ for a $2 refund per vase.

Christmas Flower Gifts: Classic Australian Christmas Flowers And Festive Floral Traditions

Are flowers a good Christmas gift?

Absolutely! Christmas flowers are a popular and heartfelt gift choice. In fact, they account for approximately 26% of annual flower orders. Plus, gifting flowers for Christmas has been a tradition for centuries. Back in the day, people would deck their halls with holly, ivy, and other foliage as a symbol of life and rebirth during the darkest days of the year.

So, when you give flowers at Christmas time, you’re not just sending a pretty bouquet; you’re carrying on a tradition steeped in history and emotion. And, of course, the sentiment behind the flowers is as important as the bouquet itself.

Significance of Christmas traditional colours and flower gifting?

The traditional colours of Christmas—red, green, and gold—hold symbolic significance. Red embodies the warmth and joy of the festive season, while green represents renewal and life, often tied to evergreen trees. Gold signifies light, wealth, and generosity, reflecting the spirit of giving during the holiday.

When it comes to gifting, these colours often inspire choices in decorations, wrapping paper, and presents, enhancing the overall festive ambiance and conveying sentiments of love, joy, and celebration. Choosing gifts in these colours can add an extra touch of holiday spirit and symbolism to the act of giving during Christmas.

Gifting Christmas traditional colour flowers holds special significance as it carries heartfelt symbolism and adds a touch of holiday spirit to the gesture.

Spot some of these blooms in our Seasonal Flower Collection here.

What is the Australian Christmas bush?

The Australian Christmas bush refers to several native Australian plant species known for their vibrant red or sometimes creamy-white flower clusters that bloom around Christmas time. One of the most well-known is the Ceratopetalum gummiferum, commonly called the New South Wales Christmas Bush. This plant produces clusters of small, star-shaped flowers that gradually turn from creamy white to bright red as they mature, creating a stunning display reminiscent of Christmas colors. These bushes are often used in decorations and floral arrangements during the holiday season in Australia.

How should I care for my Christmas flowers to make them last longer?

Sydney can have hot, hot summers! And while we love the sun, it can sometimes be a challenge for our lovely Christmas blooms. Fear not, though, we’ve got some tips to keep your flowers fresh and fabulous in the Aussie heat.

Keep them cool: Find a cool spot away from direct sunlight for your flowers. A vase full of water is your best friend, keeping petals plump and perky.

Change the water: Sounds simple, right? Yet, it’s often overlooked. Change the water every few days to prevent bacteria build-up and help your flowers last longer.

Trim, trim, trim: Snip the stems at an angle every few days to help the flowers drink up more water. It’s like giving them a fresh drink when they’re thirsty.

Mist them: A light misting of water on Christmas Bush flowers can work wonders, especially when it’s hot. You can also take the bunch out of the vase, dunk the blooms in the water and then give the bunch a gentle shake before returning to the vase.

For more details, check out our top ten tips for flower care here.

How long do Christmas flowers typically last?

Christmas bush or cut flowers used in arrangements typically last around 5 to 7 days. Regularly changing the water, trimming stems, and placing them away from direct heat sources can help extend their lifespan.

All About Christmas Flower Delivery in Sydney

We know what you’re thinking: “Alright, the flowers and gifts sound amazing, but what about delivery?” Well, we’ve got your back, Sydney!

Our delivery elves will be out spreading the floral love right up until the 24th of December, ensuring that your Christmas is filled with all the festive cheer you deserve. We understand the hustle and bustle of the season, and we’re here to make it easier, brighter, and a whole lot lovelier.

How early should I place my order for Christmas flower delivery?

There’s no set deadline for buying Christmas flowers online – orders close when we run out of fresh flowers for the day. It usually happens around 12.30 pm, but on busy days during the festive season, it could happen as early as 10 am, so it’s worth getting your order in early.

You’ll know you can order for same-day delivery as the date will be available to select on the calendar.

Can I include a personalised message with my Christmas flower delivery?

Yes, we love personalised Christmas flower gifts! You have two options to personalise your Christmas flower bouquet:

Send a photo: Personalise your bunch by sending a photo with your flowers. Upload your favourite selfie, meme or pet portrait when you order to ensure an extra big smile when your flowers are delivered.

Send a video! Simply upload a video when you order, and the recipient scans a QR code with their smartphone to watch. It’ll be just like you’re handing the bunch over in person.

Click here to send a personalised Christmas flower gift.

And that’s all about buying Christmas flowers for gifts! We’re looking forward to spreading smiles with you this Christmas, one bouquet at a time.

Big love

Little Flowers xo


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