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21 April 2023

Little Flowers proudly supports the Little Things Art Prize

We talk to Artist and creator of the prize, Marnie Ross.

Little works of art, inspired by little things that make you happy and grateful. As far as the team at Little Flowers is concerned, there couldn’t be a more perfect art prize. What’s more, the competition is open to everyone. Sydney Artist Marnie Ross tells us more…

Nice to meet you Marnie! Tell us a bit about yourself and your art

I have a background in Graphic Design and have been a practising artist for about 15 years. My current paintings are minimal abstract landscapes with a focus on colour, texture and layering. My work is available at Fenton & Fenton, Gallery of Small Things, Boom Gallery and Weswal Gallery


And how did the idea for the Little Things Art Prize come about?

LTAP began as a proposal included in an artist residency application with Woollahra Council. The idea was to create something that was accessible to all and provide an uplifting community experience. The prize is now in it’s 9th year and last year 100 finalists were selected from over 400 entries.


That’s a fabulous achievement! Can you tell us about the philosophy behind the prize?

The focus of the prize is gratitude which was inspired by The Happiness Institute and the principals around positive psychology. As well as inspiring community creative engagement, the resulting finalists exhibition is a celebration of the artwork displayed and a shared positive experience.


We’d love to know more about the artists who have entered over the years, and the type of art submitted…?

The prize encourages artist of all ages and levels of experience to enter, so there is a huge range in age and abilities. There are two categories, wall works and little Ceramics. Gallery visitors are often drawn into the gallery to view so many small works hung together with a huge diversity in style and mediums including photography, drawing, painting, collage and textiles.

‘A dollar is all I need’ – Sally Browne LTAP2019 finalist. “On Mothers Day my young daughters delivered breakfast in bed and this (now dried) silver-dollar sprig in an empty Chinotto bottle. It reminds me I’m lucky to be a mum.”  

Do you see any consistent themes in terms of the “little things” that inspire the art? 

Over the years there have been reoccurring themes represented. Many artists have been inspired by similar experiences including nature, pets, quiet spaces, art, connectivity and friendship. This reinforces our shared passions despite felling isolated at times.

‘Sanctuary’ – Michelle Perrett LTAP2020 finalist. “Flowering native plants outside my studio door. Intricate and resilient. They embody grace, reminding me to hold my head up no matter what. “

We have to ask… do flowers feature in many of the submissions?

Nature and flowers are a common subject depicted by the artists. It may be fresh flowers received by a loved one or finding flowers in nature. There are so many great examples to choose from but here a few examples…

‘Floriage’ – Tracey Schramm – LTAP2021 Finalist. “Azaleas in bloom encourage feelings of happiness, creativity, compassion and tranquility. Flowers trigger happy emotions, a feeling of life satisfaction and positive social behaviour.”

And who won last year’s prize? 

The winner of the wall work in 2022 was Nick Barlow, for ‘Ruby and Ivan Making Gnocchi’. This beautifully executed painting portrays an intimate moment that is so relatable.

‘Ruby and Ivan Making Gnocchi’ – Winner wall work 2022 – Nick Barlow. “There is nothing like the joys experienced while cooking with those closest to you; lots of laughter, delicious flavours, full bellies”

We’re so excited to be a part of The Little Things Art Prize this year and working with you to make the exhibition extra special. What made you approach Little Flowers to get involved?

A few years ago one of our youngest finalist enjoyed the experience so much that her mother sent me thank you from Little Flowers. I have kept this card with her photo holding up her winning artwork and the words “Thank you for doing the Little Things Art Prize. I really enjoy making art every year.” I love collaborating with like minded businesses and Little Flowers is the perfect fit. 


We love this! Little Flowers are often sent to acknowledge the small but significant moments in life, and we really adore this. Most people love receiving flowers, but there’s also something wonderful about sending them. Taking a moment to reflect on a fun moment, or a kindness from a friend and acknowledging that with a little bunch. So the prize is really is the perfect fit for us. Tell us, where the art will be exhibited Marnie?

100 finalists will be exhibited at Saint Cloche, a boutique gallery in Paddington. The gallery is a dynamic space with diverse and high-calibre exhibitions changing fortnightly and is at the epicentre of a growing community of like-minded creatives, promoting art, culture and contemporary thinking.


It’s a great location! So tell us, how can the Little Flowers community get involved?

Artists of all ages and abilities are invited to submit creative expressions of the ‘Little Things’ that make them feel happy and grateful. The science of Positive Psychology emphasises the benefits such focusing of our attention contributes to our health and happiness.  All the entry requirements and details can be found at https://www.littlethingsartprize.com/



Keep your eyes out for our emails to find out more about how Little Flowers will be getting involved in the Little Things Art Prize. And, if you’d like to send someone a Little Flowers bunch while you’re pondering your art submission, just click here…


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