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06 January 2023

Wow flowers: delivering flowers and smiles to your day.

We know a thing or two about blooms here at Little Flowers. After all, we’ve delivered flowers in Sydney for almost a decade now. Here are the flowers that have made us the most giddy with excitement...


When the weather gets cooler, the mood of our flower buyers changes. They get a bit restless, and edgy. Because, for us, flower delivery is all about seasonal, locally grown blooms. And with cooler weather, there are less locally grown flowers available in Sydney, so the flower buyer’s job becomes harder. And panic can set it. Until, that is, they remember that anemones are available in winter. And then, their spirits lift. Because Anemones are one of our florists’ favourite flowers. They are bold and pretty and have a mesmerising quality to them. Just don’t exect them to behave as you want them to. They are cut with tight buds and can be very unpredictable in terms of when they open up. With their jewelled colours they behave like royalty, and they will open up when they damn well please.

Water Lilies

One of our all time favourite flower pics from our instagram account. Gets us daydreaming of Sydney’s Botanic Gardens and Monet’s Water Lilies every time.


There’s just something about Sunflowers. They’re happy. And they are officially the favourite flower of the boys on the team at Little Flowers Sydney. Boys who’ve been caught taking sunflower selfies. And, we have it on good authority that courier Joe loves nothing more than loading his bike basket up and delivering sunflowers to Sydney’s CBD. Apparently that’s when he gets the most smiles from attractive strangers.


Possibly the most challenging flower name at market for a new florist to get their head around. These little guys sound complicated and look very underwhelming when you first see them. Tough and green and very un-florally! Yet they are fascinating to watch as they open up. Tiny little star shaped flowers slowly burst open from the bottom to the top, and finally group together to turn into a big, white ball. And they have a long vase life. We only wish that with a name so long and complex they’d learn how to do the dishes for us too.  

The Tree Peony

Like a regular Peony. But more temperamental. It’s a little known fact that if you’re a florist who goes to the market as part of your job, you need an emergency fund. This fund is to be used for purchasing outrageously expensive yet irresistible flowers to take home with you. The Tree Peony falls into this category. It is irresistible not only because of its beauty, but because it is only available at market for a week or two. So when you find one, if you find one, it seduces you into buying it. And then, when you take it home, like a Mayfly, it dies within approximately 24 hours. Such is the fate of the Tree Peony. And such is the fate of Little Flowers florists. 


We do love a pretty, whimsical flower at Little Flowers, and these Cosmos really hit the spot. Like delicate butterflies. If we want to deliver flowers in Sydney that put a big smile on someone’s face (which we always do!), having these in our bunch design never fails to do the trick. Another all time favourite. 


How has the humble daffodil made the list, you may ask? For two reasons. Firstly, the arrival of the daffodil heralds a new phase in the flower buying calendar. One of the most exciting things about being a florist in Sydney is that you really experience the change of seasons when the shutter doors of the flower markets open. The second is that there are so many varieties. The little guys in the Narcissus family are called Erlicheers and Jonquils and then you have the big guys, like the ones pictured. And they have different colours and textures. And personalities. Yes, we do often anthropomorphize flowers. Cute and cheeky and sweet. ‘Awws’ and ‘ahhs’ are often heard from the bunching benches at Little Flowers HQ. Mostly for the frilly peachy ones. Because those are our favourites. 

Spider Chrysanthemums

The Spider Chrysanthemum is a real show stopper of a flower. When we last found some at Sydney flower market we spent approximately 18.86 hours taking photos and videos of them to show them off on social media. We were compelled to share their amazingness. They are a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ flower, available only for a week or two out of the entire year. But we are pleased to say we can now alert you the instant we spot them, as we currently have 8573 photos at the ready for posting.

The King Protea

You can see why this flower is called The King. You may need to re-mortgage your house or sell a kidney for her, as she’s not the cheapest flower in Sydney, but gosh she’s a beauty. 


We focus on delivering little bunches of flowers and little gestures here at Little Flowers. It’s what we do best and what we love the most. But for the fabulous Sydney florists out there creating extraordinary installations and sculptural masterpieces, you can buy things like this beautiful Magnolia branch at Sydney Flower Market. It’s one of our favourite things about getting up at the crack of dawn – seeing someone with half an enormous tree raised high above their head, walking calmly amongst the chaos.

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