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10 March 2023

The women behind Little Flowers – Part One, Kierstin Segura

It was International Women's Day this week. Perfect timing to introduce you to some of the fabulous women on the Little Flowers team, past and present, and tell you about their creative endeavours out...

Formerly part of the fabulous Little Flowers admin team, making flower deliveries across Sydney smooth and seemless, die-hard crochet fan Kierstin has a side hustle creating everything from baby Santa suits to Freddie Mercury inspired mermaid dolls. Her business is called Dear To My Art Creations, and she showcases her pieces on instagram, along with other work that inspires her.


Talk to us a bit about Little Flowers. How did you find out about us and what made you want to work with us?

I had moved to Sydney from LA and was on the lookout for work. I stumbled upon Little Flowers via Instagram. I remember there was a post on Instagram with a dog and, me being the crazy dog lady I am, I felt immediately drawn to the company. It looked like a fun place to work with my kind of people, so I took a chance and emailed asking if there were any open positions. Turns out my instincts were right and I landed a job with the best florist in Sydney! 


What did you like about working at Little Flowers? 

To this day, Little Flowers is the best and most fun job I’ve ever had. I loved the small business environment and getting to work with wonderful women. Some of them became my dearest friends and though I’m no longer in Sydney, they are still (and will always be) dear friends. I always felt supported, inspired and appreciated by the Little Flowers team, even in matters outside of the work world. The florists were a close-knit group of women and there was a team of couriers, many of who deliver flowers across Sydney on bike, which was so pretty to see. To boot, I also got to express my creativity with photos and social media posts, got to be resident DJ, and there were always plenty of cuppas available! 


Tell us a bit about your side hustle…

I crochet all kinds of things from blankets to dolls. My mom’s best friend (who is basically a second mother to me) taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old. Ever since (33 years) I’ve loved crocheting and have continued to teach myself new stitches and patterns and how to make all sorts of things! 


What’s your journey been like so far?

I have never lost my love from crocheting and though it started with a wonky blanket, I eventually branched out and taught myself to read patterns, learn different stitches and even create my own “trademark items”. I started and built a pretty decent following on Instagram and opened an Etsy shop that had decent success. Unfortunately, the craziness that has been life over the past few years knocked me off course and I’ve dropped the ball on Etsy and Instagram a bit. Hopefully as things continue to normalize, I can get back into a good groove. 


How much time have you dedicated to Dear To My Art Creations?

TONS. But it never felt like work. It was always what I looked forward to… coming home, making a cuppa and crocheting away. It was my happy place and I’d do it as much as I could. I never wanted to put my hook down! I’d take it to the beach, to work to do on lunch breaks, on the bus, etc… I still crochet of course, but like I mentioned, life.


What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

I’d say growing my Instagram (for a while, I had a really strong following and 15k + followers!) I also had a nice slew of success after the Women’s March that took place after Trump was elected. I designed my own Pussyhat pattern and made many sales around the globe! It was such an amazing trend to be a part of! 


Are there any challenges that come with this hobby / job?

Yep, life. Since moving back to LA just before Covid hit, the struggle has been real. Struggle of time and even (sadly) motivation. I no longer have a lovely job like Little Flowers (sadly), so I’m usually either too tired or too busy to dedicate time to my beloved hobby. I still do it of course, but it’s become more of a thing I do when there is something I need to make, like a gift for someone expecting or a birthday, Christmas, etc… 


What makes you love what you do?

It has always simply brought me joy. It’s relaxing, comforting, cozy and I always feel proud of final projects. Plus, when I give something I’ve made as a gift, people are very touched (and impressed) by the love, time, thought and creativity that’s gone into it. That just warms my heart.

, The women behind Little Flowers – Part One, Kierstin Segura


Do you have a vision or end goal in mind?

The dream would be to not have to work a full time paycheck job and get to crochet in a cozy corner or gorgeous garden as often as I’d like for ever and ever and ever. 


Do flowers ever inspire your crochet projects?

Absolutely! Their colors and beauty get my creative juices flowing! I was always inspired to take perfectly planned photos of my crochet creations by the flowers I’d get to be around at Little Flowers. Many of them can be seen on my Instagram feed. 


What are your favourite flowers?

Oooo. I love a Ranuncula and Anemone, but I have to say, my favorite flower for as long as I can remember has been the Stargazer Lily. Oooo that smell just makes my senses come alive! I love having them in my house and getting to walk into that gorgeous scent! 


Have you ever sent or received Little Flowers? Who from/to and why?

Yes and yes! Little Flowers was my go-to for delivering flowers in Sydney to friends who needed cheering up, or who I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to, or who I just wanted to make smile. They were always treasured and I’d always hear “you work for Little Flowers? I LOVE them!” I received a few Little Flowers bunches to brighten my day as well, and they always did!


If you were going to deliver flowers in Sydney today, who would you send to and why?

Currently, my lovely friends Rachael and Jonny because they’ve been through so much, but have always remained the most amazing couple and humans I’ve ever known. And I’d deliver flowers to pretty much all my friends back in Australia (Sophie, Jules, Sarah, Deb and more) quite simply because I love and miss them and they all deserve a lovely bunch of flowers. 


, The women behind Little Flowers – Part One, Kierstin Segura


How can we find out more about your crochet?

My Instagram is @deartomyartcreations though I warn you, I have not been as active on it as I’d like. 


Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Send someone some Little Flowers bunches. It’ll make them, the Little Flowers fam and me smile! 



If you’d like to take Kierstin’s advice and want to deliver flowers in Sydney, just click here to order!


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