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10 March 2023

The women behind Little Flowers – Part Five, Natasha On

It was International Women's Day this week. Perfect timing to introduce you to some of the fabulous women on the Little Flowers team, past and present, and tell you about their creative endeavours out...

Tash has bunched and wrapped many of the Little Flowers we’ve delivered in Sydney over the years. She joined us as a Florist back in the early days, when we were a crazy start up and we’ve been lucky enough to keep her on the team on and off since then. Albeit these days it’s more for guest appearances on our super busy days. We talked to Tash about all things flowers and asked her about the side hustle she recently started with her mum, the sensory play kit business Oh Happy Play.


Tell us a bit about what you do at Little Flowers?

I have been an employee, friend and cheer leader of Little Flowers for many years. I started as a Florist around 2015 and still like to do cameo appearances during busy periods, like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. I worked in the Travel Industry for over 20 years and wanted to change careers so I could be more creative. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty of flowers, their colour, scent and how they can make a person feel when they buy or receive them, and I loved the story behind Little Flowers. 


What are your favourite things about working at Little Flowers? 

My favourite thing is the people. It really is a ‘flower family’. They have a way of employing beautiful people who are all different, fun and hard working. It is a joy to work there. I also love the music! You work hard to deliver joy to others and you also make friends and memories that will last. The flower Industry isn’t that big and I love that whatever your goal is in terms of what you want to do within Floristry or other creative talents… it is embraced and supported. Working with flowers is also a really sensory experience. I love the colour, texture, scent etc and I just love the beauty of flowers.


Tell us about your business / side hustle

My mum and I have a side hustle that we do together. We are called ‘Oh Happy Play’ and we make Sensory Play kits and sell them on Etsy and at markets.


What’s your journey been like so far? 

My mum and I are both naturally creative, love craft and sensory play with kids and our kits were born from me making my own kits for my children… and calling my mum for some ideas as she was a kindergarten teacher for 40 years! My kids, 2 and 5 LOVE sensory play and I used to make various themed kits for them during lockdown. Friends asked me to make some for them and so the idea was born.


What’s your average week like? 

My mum is retired but is really creative so makes a lot of gorgeous hand made kids play items… think dino tails, finger puppets etc and I work part time, have a few days with my 2 year old and we make and sell kits mostly through local markets but also through Instagram or Etsy orders.


What makes you love what you do / what makes you happiest about your job?

I love watching children being able to use their imagination. Sensory play helps to develop their fine motor skills, imagination and most importantly keep them entertained for ages. 


Are there any challenges you can tell us about?

I don’t have a business background and so still learning as I go!


Do you have a vision or end goal in mind?

We are just letting it grow organically at the moment but we have thought about adding more creative kids products eg art and craft kits, slime kits and DIY kits. I personally would love to explore Sensory kits for adults with dementia as well. I have seen adults enjoy our kits as much as the kids!


Do flowers ever inspire your sensory play kits?

Yes! Some of our kits are garden/ fairy kits and have floral or natural elements to them.


Do you have a favourite flower? 

I have so many favourite flowers. I love ranunculus, dahlias the beautiful scent of the locally grown garden roses. I love seeing the change in seasons and how the flowers change with them.


Have you ever been sent Little Flowers, or surprised someone with your own flower delivery?

Yes! I found out about the company when my now husband sent me a bunch. And I send and receive Little Flowers quite often. For birthdays, job promotions or just to say hi… I’m thinking of you and I love you!


If you were going to deliver flowers to someone in Sydney today, who would it be and why?

I would love to deliver flowers to my little boy’s kindergarten teacher. He has just started and I’d love to say thank you for making his transition to big school so fun and positive. 


How can we find out more about your Sensory Play kits?

You can check out our instagram account ohhappyplay_au And you can buy our products on Etsy: www.etsy.com/au/shop/OhHappyPlayShop

Inspired by the reasons Tash sends flowers? In Sydney and want to make someone smile? Send a flower delivery to someone today – just click here to order: 


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