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24 January 2023

Making your Sydney flower deliveries extra special

It’s been over a year since we launched our video tags, and it’s a feature we’re pretty chuffed about.

It’s our business to deliver flowers in Sydney, but more than that, it’s our business to deliver smiles. Sending flowers is always about the gesture, but sending a video with them just creates a whole new level of connection between the sender and recipient, and that’s something we truly love.

In case you’re not familiar, you can now add a personal video message to your bouquet. It’s super easy, all you’ve got to do is upload your video as prompted when you order your flowers. The Little Flowers team then prints a QR code on the message tag, and the person receiving the bunch can scan it with their smartphone to watch the video.

In the last twelve months we’ve heard a lot of things on the flower vine about the videos that have been delivered with our flowers. Heaps of happy birthday songs and dances, lots of well dones and get well soons, and celebrations of all kinds, big and small. Some of the videos our customers have told us about have been that bit extra special though. We’re talking high levels of emotion and high levels of creativity here. We thought we’d share some of our favourites in case they inspire you when you next want to deliver flowers to someone in Sydney…

  • One customer sent us three different versions of the same video as she couldn’t decide which one to use as they were all wild and chaotic. The clip was of her children singing happy birthday to her husband. One child was dragging a hoover around while crying and making train noises. The other had a face smeared with chocolate and insisted on shouting the words at full volume, EXTREMELY close to camera. We did of course advise her to choose the wildest of the three videos. No better video to receive on your flowers – too cute and funny!
  • An all time favourite was a video edited together from clips recorded round the world, of friends wishing their mate a happy 30th birthday. An effort of epic proportions given that each person did their recording in front of a global landmark, holding a little bunch of flowers. Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Golden Gate bridge..the list goes on….
  • A dad wanted to surprise his children by delivering flowers to them in Sydney while he was working interstate. He has three children under 10 years old and sent each of them a bunch of flowers with personalised video messages. This one turned us all into emotional spaghetti!
  • We can confirm that romance is definitely not dead. We have had not one but TWO serenades. There are some very creative and men out there. One was for Valentine’s Day, the other one, just because. 
  • There have been a collection of furry friends on camera. Catching frisbees, being naughty and making strange animal noises. They are generally not very talkative, but they do look extremely cute.
  • Birthday sing alongs are very popular. Two all time favourites are the cutest toddler singing happy birthday to his Grandma, and an entire family squashed into camera singing happy birthday to a distant relative they’d just connected with through DNA testing.
  • The Sisterhood is strong at Little Flowers. Many flower deliveries are sent across Sydney each day from one woman to another, just to say ‘you’re awesome’ or, ‘you’ve got this’. We have it on good authority that a number of videos have also been sent with Little Flowers to say well done on a promotion,congratulations for getting through school holidays, and let’s go out for Margaritas at the weekend, just because. 
  • Talking of The Sisterhood, one bride-to-be made a wedding announcement to her girlfriends with a video showing off her new ring, and asking them to be her bridesmaids. Super cute.
  • A mum to be sent a video of her baby scan to her mum on the message tag of her flowers because she was interstate and couldn’t be there in person.
  • Last but not least, new homeowners, showing off their lovely new apartment and saying thank you for a housewarming gift, which they could show off in-situ.

The list goes on! If you’re looking to send flowers to someone in Sydney over the next few months (we have Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras coming up, to name a few occasions) we’d definitely recommend trying out one of our video tags. It requires a little bit of organisation to have your video at the ready, but it’s a personal touch that makes your flower delivery even more special and memorable. We know from the reactions we see from our couriers when the QR code gets scanned, and from the emails we’ve received from recipients – it’s 100% worth it!

If you’d like to send some flowers – just click here to order. We do same day delivery in Sydney if you order before 12 noon:

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