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07 February 2023

Some Valentine’s Day inspiration

Celebrating Valentine’s? Here are some ideas for a flower delivery that's a little bit different….

Love it, hate it… celebrate it or shun it… It’s almost here again. It’s the busiest day of the Little Flowers calendar. And, with an entire decade of flower delivery data behind us, we thought it was only right to delve into the archives to bring you some inspiration to make Valentine’s Day that little bit more heartfelt this year. 

Whether you’re being romantic, empowering The Sisterhood or sending a not so subtle hint to that someone special… have a read, get inspired, place your orders and thank us later.

 Little Flowers - Same Day Flower Delivery Sydney

Full Noise

The honeymoon period. You can’t stop thinking about each other… touching each other in public and making gooey gah gah noises when you snuggle and smooch. THIS is what we call ‘Full Noise”. Going Full Noise is using your Little Flowers delivery to organize treasure hunts and orchestrate mystery dates. And, don’t forget, the use of embarrassing pet names is mandatory. 




Little Flowers are PERFECT for anonymous sending. Our smaller bunches don’t break the bank, are cute AF but not over the top or too full on. Over the last 10 years of sending flowers in Sydney we have had a lot of fun with our customers… The best anonymous flowers we’ve ever delivered? One bunch a day, for 5 days, in the run up to Valentine’s. A lady sending to herself, to make an office crush jealous. We hear on the flower vine that they’re now married with 3 kids. Genius. 




Single and Sensational

Ballsy and brilliant. Funny and fabulous. Some of the many messages we’ve delivered with flowers to and from The Sisterhood over the years. We estimate that 25% of all Sydney orders on Valentine’s Day are from women to their friends, with the goal of reinforcing just how damn fabulous they are. And quite right too. Please note, extra points are always given for alliteration in this category. 


Wild abandon

At Little Flowers we’re firm believers that the gesture behind the flowers is as important as the Little Flowers themselves. Particularly when we see these kind of instructions with a flower delivery: “Decapitate with wild abandon, while drawing a bath. Disregard clothes and stems. Climb in bath with flower heads. Await further instruction.”


A picture speaks a thousand words

Sometimes a poem or romantic message feels just too cheesy. Make it personal but keep it fun by adding a photo of you and your Valentine to your flower delivery. Whether you’re looking hot, silly or just plain weird, we do not judge love. In fact, we say the weirder the better.



ACTUAL full noise

Similar to Full Noise. But for very creative people. Poems scribed and read to camera from the heart, songs penned and serenaded, acapella, hip hop and opera to name but a few. Upload a video when you book your flower delivery and make it extra special. To be fair, we think that the less creative talent you have the more endearing it actually becomes. Don’t be shy… it’s like Karaoke. Participation and energy is everything. 


Works of art

If a photo speaks a thousand words, a pair of stick figures drawn from the heart speaks a million. Once again photo tags are your friend when it comes to telling someone you love them this Valentine’s day. Get creative, take a picture of your artwork and upload when you order.   



Flower subscriptions

For the Romeo or Juliet you want to keep close and potentially create small humans with. Flowers delivered in Sydney once a week for a month, or once a month for a year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Click here to send.



Self love

The Little Flowers statistician confirms that approximately 10% of all deliveries on Valentine’s day will be people pouring a little love into themselves. Sydney-siders sending flowers to themselves, empowering themselves and confidently claiming the day as their own. Whether it is a little bunch, a big bunch or a bouquet of roses self-sending is on trend.


 Little Flowers - Same Day Flower Delivery Sydney

Boys with bouquets

It’s a little known fact that the modern man enjoys receiving flowers. We know this because we have delivered flowers in Sydney to many blokes over the last decade and we have seen their reactions. Yes, everyone in the office makes a bit of a fuss. And yes they will definitely get a bit awkward for a minute. But that just adds to the fun.

Send flowers now

It’s less than a week to Valentine’s day, so whether you’re planning to surprise someone special with a bit of creativity, supporting The Sisterhood with a little bunch, or using the occasion as a great opportunity for some self love, now’s the time to order. Just click the button to send flowers to Sydney now. 



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